Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 13 ... Anthem for Unity

Hi y'all! Miss me? ... Well I don't see why any of you should :P But if you did ... Well ... I'm back! and hopefully will update my blog more often. So what's been happening in my life? Hmmmm ... since the move to the new house, I've been helping my dad put up stuff. Cleaning, vacuuming, cooking ... cleaning, vacuuming, cooking ... did I mention cleaning, vacuuming, cooking? ... O yeah, before I forget, it's uh ... cleaning, vacuuming, cooking! :P

Recently I went to my uncle's church. We were late for the service and got there just as the worship was about to end. I was pretty bummed out, was hoping to get into some congregational worship. But there was something different on that day, the atmosphere was very different. Btw, my uncle suffered a heart attack the week before, while he was preaching. But God kept him save and healed him. So was great to see him in church still standing as strong as ever, he wasn't preaching that day, but he felt that presence of God. He started calling out all the musicians to come up to the front to worship. It's a prophetic thing he was getting into. Honestly, not many pastors has the guts to do that, and not many church musicians dare to do it either. I'm not talking about just going up there to play another song from your Sunday playlist. I'm talking about prophesying through your instruments. Trust me, it's biblical, the Psalmist prophesy according to the instruction of the king. Anyways, what came out strongly to me was the word unity. Standing united to advance the kingdom of God. The dynamic preacher Joseph Ong backed me by playing the piano. With all due respect and with no intention of offending anyone, I wish Solomon was there to play the piano. Man, he's so anointed ... and his heart for worship is definitely in the right place. I've no intention of writing any song about unity at that time.

Last week I met someone by divine appointment. She's an up and coming artist from Malaysia and somehow found her way to my page on Facebook (that's where all my songs are uploaded first). She was listening to the song 'Hear My Cry' and God touch her. According to her, she started praying again .... Praise the Lord! Anyways, she's also Ong ... so she calls me her big bro, and now I gain a lil' sister. Surprisingly, her hometown is my wife's hometown. So imagine when both of them get together .... then it's back to cleaning, vacuuming and cooking for me :P She asked if I could write a song for her next album and I told her I'd try. I've not written any kinda song without focusing on God for a long time. So was very hesitant, but managed to write it and it's based on her pass experiences with one member of her family. Hope she likes it (Sorry, I can't share that song because it's for her album). But I'll ask her for permission to post it on my site if she decides she wants to record it. If not ... then you'll get another demo recording from me :P

No .. that was yesterday that I sent her the song. This morning I woke up and didn't expect to go to church because my second daughter, Tammy-Ann, has been puking the whole of yesterday. Every time she puts something in her stomach it comes right back up. We were so worried and monitored her the whole day and nite. But praise the Lord, today she seem to be totally fine. So, Robyn Mae, my eldest, came into my room and I just felt like picking up the guitar to worship and started playing. Then this song came up. Robyn contributed a lot of ideas for this song and even penned some words. So it's the first song I co-write with my daughter and it means a lot to me. Hope you'll like it. God Bless!

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