Friday, February 13, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 12 ... Hear My Cry

Wow! ... What a week! What a tiring week! Although I didn't do much, but a lot has happened. I'm sure most of ya have already heard about the bushfire tragedy that happened over at Victoria, Australia. For those of you who didn't or haven't, well death toll so far is at 181 and counting. If you want to know more, do Google it.

I also went for an interview for a managerial position at a bookstore. Yeah, some of you might think I've caved in finally and decided to work instead of trusting God in full-time ministry. Well, you're wrong. I'm still trusting God every step of the way. But I just want to put myself out there so that I won't look back one day and say I should have given that a try.

My heart is very heavy ... Why? I don't really know. Maybe among everything that is happening, one of my good friend is leaving to Brisbane to further his studies. Then I'm in the midst of reorganizing certain things and also at the same time needing to bring up a difficult subject matter with relatives. And on top of that I've finally recorded my final demo track, so now I've no more excuses why I'm not sending it out. Seem like this week there's a lot of moment of truths ... yet I'm still thankful and grateful that I'm a child of God. When I turn on the TV and read the news ... I'm even more thankful that I have God.

In this busy and overwhelming world that we live in, we can be so easily sucked into depression and helplessness. I know of someone that their home is being repossessed and another the husband left her and she's pregnant ... It is during these times all we can do is to sit back and be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). 

Why do we need to be still and know? Why can't we be moving and know? or Doing and know? Why be still? Have you ever watch a golf game, when the golfer is about to make a putt, everyone keeps quiet? Or a basketball game ... you scream and shout the whole way through, but during a penalty shot, everyone keeps really quiet? Why? It's because in stillness, we give our mind, spirit and soul a chance to be aligned and focused on the ultimate purpose or goal. For the golfer, it's the golf ball going into the hole. For the basketball player, it's the ball entering the hoop. It is only during the stillness there's nothing else but them and the ultimate purpose or goal. For us, the stillness helps us to align our thoughts, our spirit and soul to God and His purpose. It's when we are aligned with Him, we hear His voice! That's WORSHIP! You can't be distracted and expect to hear from God.

You know which is my favorite verse in there? It's verse 4 "There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High" ... Wow! Do you know what that means? If you have been following my blog, I talked about the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is not just about God but also about the people. If there are no people, there's no Kingdom.

Do allow me to expound on this ... "There is a river" which in most cases represents the presence of God ... "Shall make glad the city of God" which represents making glad His people as a congregation collectively ... "The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High" ... We are the temple of the Holy Spirit, within us is where God wants to dwell. This is where God gets personal. You see ... When we learn to be still and know that He is God, He promise us His presence for the congregation and for you individually. But we must be willing to be still and know!

Hear My Cry is one of the worship song that was birth out of quietness. I pray that this song will be able help you draw closer to God and Him to you. God Bless!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 11 ... One Thing I Ask

Have you ever felt that sometimes you complicate the things of God too much and you take a step back and realize that actually it's so simple. Many times we don't even understand the simplest things of God, yet we expect to achieve bigger things for His Kingdom.

No ... This is not a rebuke to anyone. I'm sure all of you reading this are walking in His will and achieving His perfect plan for you :P As for me, there's still so many things for God to work out in my life. But like I've mentioned to people before .... I serve God not because I'm perfect, but because I'm flawed and by His grace I'm made worthy. Last Sunday, I was reminded of a verse in the bible which I've even wrote a song about many moons ago ...

Matt 6:33
Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all will be added to you ...

Honestly, sometimes we are so caught up with things that are happening around us till we lose sight of God's Kingdom. Nothing really matters anymore if and when that happens. Our loved ones, our finances, our sacrifices "for the sake of the call", our worship, our prayers, NOTHING matters anymore when we lose sight of His Kingdom. Friends, trust me when I say this ... It is so easy to lose sight of God's Kingdom. What happens when we say we dwell in His Kingdom? It basically means we welcome His rule over our lives. When we lose sight of it, it means we've migrated to another kingdom. Now the question is ... Who is ruling over your life now? Who's kingdom are you dwelling in?

By God's initial design, we were suppose to only have one King and that was God Himself. But along the way, people got distracted, unsatisfied with the answers and results and decided that it is better to have their earthly king just like the rest of the other people (1 Samuel 8:1-7). These are the people that God, their King who brought them out of Egypt, with all the miracles and spiritual interventions, they still can lose sight of His Kingdom. The strangest thing is that they were willing to give everything up to have their earthly kingdom. Their children, their food, their comfort, just so that they can get their own way (1 Samuel 8:9-22) and yet, God says OK.

What a big God we serve! Imagine if your son or daughter or your sis or brother comes over to you and say they owe you nothing even when you've given them everything and when they leave, they still take whatever that's left in your house with them and as they were at the doorstep they turned around and demanded that you turn over the house you're living in to them by tomorrow .... How would you feel? What would your response be? God's response to their ridiculous demand was simply "OK" ... the house is yours. That's how big our God is. How big are we when sometimes we shout and yell at each other just to show how right we are. God turned His Kingdom over to us because we asked for it. How much more do you think God will do for you?

His Kingdom ... What makes God's Kingdom? The first is obvious ... of course God. His Kingdom represents God's rule, His Lordship, His Leadership, His Kingship, over our lives. But there's one aspect that I seldom hear people talk about when they talk about His Kingdom .... The People .... There is no kingdom when there are no people. When we set our eyes on His Kingdom, it is not just God that we need to be concern about, but also His people. A kingdom prospers when the people living in it prospers.

Why did I write about this? Right now, I've got no idea ... hmmmm. I just started typing and it ended this way. Anyways, I ask you to look around you. If you are only concerned about God and not his people, then you may have lost sight of His Kingdom. Don't lose sight. God Bless you!

Continue to always seek God (Matt 6:33). I love worshiping God with this song cause it acknowledges His Kingship over me.