Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are we trying too hard to understand the mysteries of God that we have lost sight of the simple truths of the Bible?

I've just had a very interesting night. I was just told that there is a possibility that people can still go to heaven if they don't know Christ. Apparently, even Billy Graham believes that this is so. But which part of the bible actually teaches this? Not according to the many different versions of the bibles I've read unfortunately. Have I missed out something? or someone forgot to include certain chapters into my bible?

I was told that for those who never had a chance to listen to the word of God or heard about Christ are most probably saved. The thing is, I don't know ... cause it's not mentioned in the bible. As Christians who are in leadership, isn't it our responsibility to teach according to the bible and not according to our own philosophies? Just because the bible did not say that it's 'Yes' ... you cannot philosophically say that it's a 'No'. That I think it's very irresponsible as a leader.

Now, if based on this concept of philosophy, then we should stop all out reach to the unreached people groups. Because you will have a 100% chance of them going to heaven by not telling them that Christ exist vs. taking the risk of them rejecting the gospel and be condemned to hell. Also for those who have heard of the name of Christ but never been told that He is the only way, we should leave them alone too. As long as the are good folks that's been doing good deeds, they can claim ignorance during the judgement day. Think about it ... we are in fact doing them a favor by not telling them about Christ. Then we can roughly say that Christ is not for everyone ... for it's not 'All' that have sin and fall short of the glory of God. So many of the prophets and the believers of Yahweh / Jehovah in the old testament does not matter anyways, cause all will go to heaven eventually. Then why in the world the believers in the old days sacrifice their lives to convince people that Yahweh is God. Are all their works in vain?

If that is the case, then there is no urgency at all of the 2nd coming of Christ too, cause it's merely just another day in the park. Then we don't really need to take the great commission seriously, cause people stand a better chance not hearing about God to get to heaven. In that case we can strike out many verses in the Bible. Hey ... while we are at it ... why don't we just take out the importance and significance of the law of God in the old testament. Looks like this can be a whole new era for the world.

News flash! There is already a group that somewhat have that same philosophy. That's why they call themselves New Age.

Here are my thoughts and whether you agree with it or not, please consider it seriously in prayer: We as Christians cannot based our believes in philosophy or psychology, it has to be based upon the Word of God and the Word alone. If the philosophy or psychology contradicts even the slightest doctrine or principle in the bible, please ... I beseech you ... consider your salvation and the salvation of others. When people's lives are hanging in the balance between heaven and hell, would you chose philosophy & psychology over the Word of God? Think about it! Blessings to y'all!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tim's new song ... Amazing

I've been getting very lazy lately. There's a couple of topics that I've been wanting to share. Especially this one I titled it 'Unqualified to Success'. I'm not going to go into details of the whole sermon, but here's a synopsis of it.

How many of us can think back of a time that God has done something in our lives that we undeservingly received? If you can't, well ... How about your salvation? That's the ultimate gift to someone undeserving. Anyways, because I love worship and I love exploring David's life the most and here is what I've found in a nut-shell when it comes to this topic.

1. David was an illegitimate child - he basically have no family rights

2. He was purposefully left out when his dad was asked to bring all his sons - David cannot be included in the equation not because he's the youngest, but also because he's illegitimate

3. David was the smallest of all - In everyone's eyes, David won't last a minute out on the battlefield.

4. He spends most of his times in the field with sheeps - No one really knows him nor would have any experience in battle.

But God took all that ... used it for His glory ... and promoted David to king. God loves to use those that's willing to be used. He doesn't need a counsel to tell Him how good you are, how experienced you are, how many bible schools you've attended, etc .... He just need to know that you are willing and able. God chooses the unqualified, to demonstrate His successes.

I've been feeling very down lately, very tired of waiting. Sometimes it feels like I'm doing nothing to help the family. I've told myself to be practical, logical ... miracles do happen, but just not where I'm standing. Then I looked at David ... it's not about how well we can do things, but it's how available we make ourselves to be. Well, I'm still considering whether I'm called to full-time ministry right now. One day when you don't see this blog anymore, well that's when I've decided to move on. In all decisions that we make and in all that we do, remember this ... God chooses the unqualified, to demonstrate His successes. Something good always turns out for those who make themselves available to Him. God is Amazing!!

God Bless y'all!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Re-Upped The First Time ...

Hi friends, I've just re-posted the song The First Time. There's not going to be a download link to it this time round. But you can listen to it on the streaming player below this page. God bless y'all!

PS. Do let me know what ya think of the song ya :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The First Time taken offline ...

I've been in contact with a friend that used to work in the music industry. He has advised me to take the song off-line until I get it patented / copyrighted. Right now he is working on it for me. So things are happening ....

If you have downloaded the song. Please help me by not distributing it to other people until I up it again. Cheers and God Bless!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New song ... The First Time

How this song came about was completely out of a blue. I never expected to write a song that day and especially in the early morning. So here an account of how I came to writing this song ... 

I woke up yesterday morning, showered and was feeling really lethargic. It was a really cold morning and I wasn't up to doing anything. So I made myself a cup of really hot coffee, sat at my work desk and surfed Youtube watching some Gary V.'s music videos. There was this one particular video that had a little girl in it and I was thinking she looks so much like RobynMae (my 9 yr old). I've always known this, but, it suddenly dawned on me that next year she will be 10, moving on to her preteens stage.  That made me wished that I could just stop time, hold her in my arms and never let her go.

This is one of those moments that you have a flood of emotions come crashing in. I really didn't know how to handle it or expressed it. So I closed the Safari (the equivalent to IE on Windows) and walked away from the computer for a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts. Then I sat back down again at my desk and picked up my guitar. I needed to get it off my chest.

It didn't take me long to write this song, but it's the hardest song for me to write to date and singing it was even harder still. It didn't really help the situation when I sang it to my wife (Christina) and she was just balling. For those of you who are single, this song may not mean much. But it will probably strike a note with those parents who have daughter / daughters.

Are there any spiritual lessons that can be learnt out of this. I believe everything we do there are lessons to be learnt cause God is always speaking. As to this particular situation, I'm not too sure. But one thing I do know ...  after realizing how much I can love my children, and if that's how much my Father in heaven loves me, I'm eternally blessed. But I know He loves me and my children even more than I can ever imagine ... That My Friends! It's the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL! What would be your response to Him? God Bless y'all!

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Exciting News!!

Boy! Have I got some news for y'all! ... Ok, it's not what you think, Integrity Music did not get back to me, neither did Paul Baloche. Actually for all ya know, they didn't even get my demo cds.

However, this news is still exciting. I've been invited to sing at the Spring Gospel and Arts Festival here at Perth. The strangest thing would be, I'll probably be the only performer who hasn't released an album :P This was made possible because of a pastor I met at a church. When he first approached me to tell me I have a great and anointed voice, I was a bit skeptical (just as I would be with everyone else actually). He said he'd like to keep in touch and help me get connected with the people in music ministry here. Trust me when I say I've heard this once too many times to pay much attention to it. But to my surprise, he meant what he said. Which is very rare. To cut the long story short, he played one of my demo track (Hear My Cry) to the organizer and they loved it. Now here I am with an invitation to sing at a festival held at a park. So I would like to say a big thank you to Pastor Rick Milligan. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and the anointing of God upon my life and most of all, launching me into the ministry that I believe God has called me to here in Perth.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 13 ... Anthem for Unity

Hi y'all! Miss me? ... Well I don't see why any of you should :P But if you did ... Well ... I'm back! and hopefully will update my blog more often. So what's been happening in my life? Hmmmm ... since the move to the new house, I've been helping my dad put up stuff. Cleaning, vacuuming, cooking ... cleaning, vacuuming, cooking ... did I mention cleaning, vacuuming, cooking? ... O yeah, before I forget, it's uh ... cleaning, vacuuming, cooking! :P

Recently I went to my uncle's church. We were late for the service and got there just as the worship was about to end. I was pretty bummed out, was hoping to get into some congregational worship. But there was something different on that day, the atmosphere was very different. Btw, my uncle suffered a heart attack the week before, while he was preaching. But God kept him save and healed him. So was great to see him in church still standing as strong as ever, he wasn't preaching that day, but he felt that presence of God. He started calling out all the musicians to come up to the front to worship. It's a prophetic thing he was getting into. Honestly, not many pastors has the guts to do that, and not many church musicians dare to do it either. I'm not talking about just going up there to play another song from your Sunday playlist. I'm talking about prophesying through your instruments. Trust me, it's biblical, the Psalmist prophesy according to the instruction of the king. Anyways, what came out strongly to me was the word unity. Standing united to advance the kingdom of God. The dynamic preacher Joseph Ong backed me by playing the piano. With all due respect and with no intention of offending anyone, I wish Solomon was there to play the piano. Man, he's so anointed ... and his heart for worship is definitely in the right place. I've no intention of writing any song about unity at that time.

Last week I met someone by divine appointment. She's an up and coming artist from Malaysia and somehow found her way to my page on Facebook (that's where all my songs are uploaded first). She was listening to the song 'Hear My Cry' and God touch her. According to her, she started praying again .... Praise the Lord! Anyways, she's also Ong ... so she calls me her big bro, and now I gain a lil' sister. Surprisingly, her hometown is my wife's hometown. So imagine when both of them get together .... then it's back to cleaning, vacuuming and cooking for me :P She asked if I could write a song for her next album and I told her I'd try. I've not written any kinda song without focusing on God for a long time. So was very hesitant, but managed to write it and it's based on her pass experiences with one member of her family. Hope she likes it (Sorry, I can't share that song because it's for her album). But I'll ask her for permission to post it on my site if she decides she wants to record it. If not ... then you'll get another demo recording from me :P

No .. that was yesterday that I sent her the song. This morning I woke up and didn't expect to go to church because my second daughter, Tammy-Ann, has been puking the whole of yesterday. Every time she puts something in her stomach it comes right back up. We were so worried and monitored her the whole day and nite. But praise the Lord, today she seem to be totally fine. So, Robyn Mae, my eldest, came into my room and I just felt like picking up the guitar to worship and started playing. Then this song came up. Robyn contributed a lot of ideas for this song and even penned some words. So it's the first song I co-write with my daughter and it means a lot to me. Hope you'll like it. God Bless!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 12 ... Hear My Cry

Wow! ... What a week! What a tiring week! Although I didn't do much, but a lot has happened. I'm sure most of ya have already heard about the bushfire tragedy that happened over at Victoria, Australia. For those of you who didn't or haven't, well death toll so far is at 181 and counting. If you want to know more, do Google it.

I also went for an interview for a managerial position at a bookstore. Yeah, some of you might think I've caved in finally and decided to work instead of trusting God in full-time ministry. Well, you're wrong. I'm still trusting God every step of the way. But I just want to put myself out there so that I won't look back one day and say I should have given that a try.

My heart is very heavy ... Why? I don't really know. Maybe among everything that is happening, one of my good friend is leaving to Brisbane to further his studies. Then I'm in the midst of reorganizing certain things and also at the same time needing to bring up a difficult subject matter with relatives. And on top of that I've finally recorded my final demo track, so now I've no more excuses why I'm not sending it out. Seem like this week there's a lot of moment of truths ... yet I'm still thankful and grateful that I'm a child of God. When I turn on the TV and read the news ... I'm even more thankful that I have God.

In this busy and overwhelming world that we live in, we can be so easily sucked into depression and helplessness. I know of someone that their home is being repossessed and another the husband left her and she's pregnant ... It is during these times all we can do is to sit back and be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). 

Why do we need to be still and know? Why can't we be moving and know? or Doing and know? Why be still? Have you ever watch a golf game, when the golfer is about to make a putt, everyone keeps quiet? Or a basketball game ... you scream and shout the whole way through, but during a penalty shot, everyone keeps really quiet? Why? It's because in stillness, we give our mind, spirit and soul a chance to be aligned and focused on the ultimate purpose or goal. For the golfer, it's the golf ball going into the hole. For the basketball player, it's the ball entering the hoop. It is only during the stillness there's nothing else but them and the ultimate purpose or goal. For us, the stillness helps us to align our thoughts, our spirit and soul to God and His purpose. It's when we are aligned with Him, we hear His voice! That's WORSHIP! You can't be distracted and expect to hear from God.

You know which is my favorite verse in there? It's verse 4 "There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High" ... Wow! Do you know what that means? If you have been following my blog, I talked about the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is not just about God but also about the people. If there are no people, there's no Kingdom.

Do allow me to expound on this ... "There is a river" which in most cases represents the presence of God ... "Shall make glad the city of God" which represents making glad His people as a congregation collectively ... "The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High" ... We are the temple of the Holy Spirit, within us is where God wants to dwell. This is where God gets personal. You see ... When we learn to be still and know that He is God, He promise us His presence for the congregation and for you individually. But we must be willing to be still and know!

Hear My Cry is one of the worship song that was birth out of quietness. I pray that this song will be able help you draw closer to God and Him to you. God Bless!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 11 ... One Thing I Ask

Have you ever felt that sometimes you complicate the things of God too much and you take a step back and realize that actually it's so simple. Many times we don't even understand the simplest things of God, yet we expect to achieve bigger things for His Kingdom.

No ... This is not a rebuke to anyone. I'm sure all of you reading this are walking in His will and achieving His perfect plan for you :P As for me, there's still so many things for God to work out in my life. But like I've mentioned to people before .... I serve God not because I'm perfect, but because I'm flawed and by His grace I'm made worthy. Last Sunday, I was reminded of a verse in the bible which I've even wrote a song about many moons ago ...

Matt 6:33
Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all will be added to you ...

Honestly, sometimes we are so caught up with things that are happening around us till we lose sight of God's Kingdom. Nothing really matters anymore if and when that happens. Our loved ones, our finances, our sacrifices "for the sake of the call", our worship, our prayers, NOTHING matters anymore when we lose sight of His Kingdom. Friends, trust me when I say this ... It is so easy to lose sight of God's Kingdom. What happens when we say we dwell in His Kingdom? It basically means we welcome His rule over our lives. When we lose sight of it, it means we've migrated to another kingdom. Now the question is ... Who is ruling over your life now? Who's kingdom are you dwelling in?

By God's initial design, we were suppose to only have one King and that was God Himself. But along the way, people got distracted, unsatisfied with the answers and results and decided that it is better to have their earthly king just like the rest of the other people (1 Samuel 8:1-7). These are the people that God, their King who brought them out of Egypt, with all the miracles and spiritual interventions, they still can lose sight of His Kingdom. The strangest thing is that they were willing to give everything up to have their earthly kingdom. Their children, their food, their comfort, just so that they can get their own way (1 Samuel 8:9-22) and yet, God says OK.

What a big God we serve! Imagine if your son or daughter or your sis or brother comes over to you and say they owe you nothing even when you've given them everything and when they leave, they still take whatever that's left in your house with them and as they were at the doorstep they turned around and demanded that you turn over the house you're living in to them by tomorrow .... How would you feel? What would your response be? God's response to their ridiculous demand was simply "OK" ... the house is yours. That's how big our God is. How big are we when sometimes we shout and yell at each other just to show how right we are. God turned His Kingdom over to us because we asked for it. How much more do you think God will do for you?

His Kingdom ... What makes God's Kingdom? The first is obvious ... of course God. His Kingdom represents God's rule, His Lordship, His Leadership, His Kingship, over our lives. But there's one aspect that I seldom hear people talk about when they talk about His Kingdom .... The People .... There is no kingdom when there are no people. When we set our eyes on His Kingdom, it is not just God that we need to be concern about, but also His people. A kingdom prospers when the people living in it prospers.

Why did I write about this? Right now, I've got no idea ... hmmmm. I just started typing and it ended this way. Anyways, I ask you to look around you. If you are only concerned about God and not his people, then you may have lost sight of His Kingdom. Don't lose sight. God Bless you!

Continue to always seek God (Matt 6:33). I love worshiping God with this song cause it acknowledges His Kingship over me.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tim's original worship song No. 10 ... Talk To Me

Lately everything has been spinning out of whacked. Although the Holy Spirit has inspired a lot of revelations in my heart, I was kinda distracted and was focusing on something else.

It's not easy to say you want to serve God full-time when you know you have a family and children that depends on you financially. Even more so than now, knowing that my parents is loaning me their entire life's savings to get a house. Causes so much anxiety whenever I think about it. Even their friends are worried that they'll end up with nothing and no one to care for them.  And I don't blame them, looking how this world has become, the only one you can trust is Jesus Christ. So all their friends from their church asked that they sign a contract with me saying that the money is a loan and that I'll be paying them back monthly. It's definitely a good idea for their peace of mind. They should be enjoying their time with their grand children now, not worried about whether they have a place to stay or be taken care of.

So now it comes to the question of whether I should give up the idea of serving God full-time and just go join the work force or should I persevere until there's a breakthrough. Should I have a backup plan and put my trust in 'certainty' than in the 'uncertain'? In fact I went ahead to apply for a job with the government as a Transit Officer. After doing that, I kinda sat back and was asking myself why? I was justifying to myself that it's the most logical thing to do and God can still use me in other ways. Now ... the biggest question is "IS THAT WHAT GOD REALLY WANTS ME TO DO?" Where's a prophet when you need one huh? :P

Anyways, I've got no idea at the moment ... So your prayers will be most appreciated. I've never felt so strongly about serving God as I've been now. But I've never had people dumping their entire life's savings on me either ... hahaha. Btw, just incase ya have not heard, we bought a beautiful house with 5 bedrooms and my parents will be living with me. Praise the Lord!

And that's what brought about me recording this worship song I wrote years back. I totally forgotten about it until lately. Just want to put my trust in God and for Him to speak to me. Do continue to pray and ask God what He wants to tell me and leave a comment. Don't worry, I won't hold ya responsible for my demise :P But would be interesting to know what God has to say through others. God Bless y'all!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

So What About Quality When There's No Quantity?

This morning I was having a conversation with my mom who's here on a visit from Malaysia. We started talking about buying a land and building a house and why my dad wanted to build instead of buying a ready built one. It's kinda funny how people like to justify what they want by telling you that that's what 'you want'. But I told her it's ok, I'm just happy that God has lead me thus far. It doesn't matter whether it's a ready house or we build, I'll still be happy cause I know that I'm walking in the will of God (so I hope). So gave the entire decision to my wife and my parents. Some may say it's silly, but I think it's a wise thing to do :P

Anyways, somehow during the course of the conversation, the subject stirred drastically. How and why? I've got no idea. But we ended up talking about what my plans are for the future. As I've mentioned before, I'm working towards being a Worship pastor or pastor. While on that topic, we started talking about church and while in the subject of church, started getting some revelation on certain things which I'm very excited about.

I'm sure some of you are curious about the title of this blog. Let me start by saying that this is by no means condemning anyone or organization. It's just my point of view. What I hope to achieve is that I hope it will rock the boat a little to start you thinking a little bit more about God and less about yourself.

How many times have you heard a Christian ministry or church say this ... 'We don't care about Quantity, all we care about is Quality!'. I used to be a traveling minister. I've travelled to most parts of Malaysia, some parts of US, Canada and also Japan. Because of the nature of the ministry I was in, I've also had plenty of opportunities to work with other Christian organizations. I must say I've heard that statement enough times. The thing is, I was so impressed with the pastors and ministers that said it. I was thinking to myself "Wow, that's such a powerful statement. I hope one day I will have that kinda quality". Well, after today ... I must say that I have to seriously rethink this statement.

When I was talking to my mom, I made 2 statements that got me curious. The more I meditate on it, the more I feel convinced about it ... Physical Multiplication and Spiritual Multiplication. Here's the thing ... Is it God's will? Can these 2 be separated? Can we have one without the other? At the end of this blog, I hope to open a new door for you to explore. Here's my view "We need Physical multiplication so that the Spiritual multiplication can be experienced and that causes physical multiplication all over again. YOU CAN'T AND SHOULDN'T SEPARATE THEM!". Also I would like to discuss the danger of falling into the lie of the devil in this matter.

I'm too tired now to go on .... will continue tomorrow .... Selah :)