Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are we trying too hard to understand the mysteries of God that we have lost sight of the simple truths of the Bible?

I've just had a very interesting night. I was just told that there is a possibility that people can still go to heaven if they don't know Christ. Apparently, even Billy Graham believes that this is so. But which part of the bible actually teaches this? Not according to the many different versions of the bibles I've read unfortunately. Have I missed out something? or someone forgot to include certain chapters into my bible?

I was told that for those who never had a chance to listen to the word of God or heard about Christ are most probably saved. The thing is, I don't know ... cause it's not mentioned in the bible. As Christians who are in leadership, isn't it our responsibility to teach according to the bible and not according to our own philosophies? Just because the bible did not say that it's 'Yes' ... you cannot philosophically say that it's a 'No'. That I think it's very irresponsible as a leader.

Now, if based on this concept of philosophy, then we should stop all out reach to the unreached people groups. Because you will have a 100% chance of them going to heaven by not telling them that Christ exist vs. taking the risk of them rejecting the gospel and be condemned to hell. Also for those who have heard of the name of Christ but never been told that He is the only way, we should leave them alone too. As long as the are good folks that's been doing good deeds, they can claim ignorance during the judgement day. Think about it ... we are in fact doing them a favor by not telling them about Christ. Then we can roughly say that Christ is not for everyone ... for it's not 'All' that have sin and fall short of the glory of God. So many of the prophets and the believers of Yahweh / Jehovah in the old testament does not matter anyways, cause all will go to heaven eventually. Then why in the world the believers in the old days sacrifice their lives to convince people that Yahweh is God. Are all their works in vain?

If that is the case, then there is no urgency at all of the 2nd coming of Christ too, cause it's merely just another day in the park. Then we don't really need to take the great commission seriously, cause people stand a better chance not hearing about God to get to heaven. In that case we can strike out many verses in the Bible. Hey ... while we are at it ... why don't we just take out the importance and significance of the law of God in the old testament. Looks like this can be a whole new era for the world.

News flash! There is already a group that somewhat have that same philosophy. That's why they call themselves New Age.

Here are my thoughts and whether you agree with it or not, please consider it seriously in prayer: We as Christians cannot based our believes in philosophy or psychology, it has to be based upon the Word of God and the Word alone. If the philosophy or psychology contradicts even the slightest doctrine or principle in the bible, please ... I beseech you ... consider your salvation and the salvation of others. When people's lives are hanging in the balance between heaven and hell, would you chose philosophy & psychology over the Word of God? Think about it! Blessings to y'all!