Sunday, June 14, 2009

Exciting News!!

Boy! Have I got some news for y'all! ... Ok, it's not what you think, Integrity Music did not get back to me, neither did Paul Baloche. Actually for all ya know, they didn't even get my demo cds.

However, this news is still exciting. I've been invited to sing at the Spring Gospel and Arts Festival here at Perth. The strangest thing would be, I'll probably be the only performer who hasn't released an album :P This was made possible because of a pastor I met at a church. When he first approached me to tell me I have a great and anointed voice, I was a bit skeptical (just as I would be with everyone else actually). He said he'd like to keep in touch and help me get connected with the people in music ministry here. Trust me when I say I've heard this once too many times to pay much attention to it. But to my surprise, he meant what he said. Which is very rare. To cut the long story short, he played one of my demo track (Hear My Cry) to the organizer and they loved it. Now here I am with an invitation to sing at a festival held at a park. So I would like to say a big thank you to Pastor Rick Milligan. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and the anointing of God upon my life and most of all, launching me into the ministry that I believe God has called me to here in Perth.

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